Town of Southwest Harbor, Maine
incorporated 1905

Shellfish Conservation Ordinance
Shellfish Committee Bylaws

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Shellfish Committee
Shellfish Committee description, responsibilities and background.
Shellfish licenses are required for all persons who take soft-shell clams from open areas of the Town of Southwest Harbor.  An unlimited number of recreational licenses will be issued for calendar year 2017and will be available for purchase in the Town Office during normal working hours on and after December 3, 2017.  Persons holding commercial clamming licenses issued by the State of Maine are not eligible to purchase recreational licenses in the Town of Southwest Harbor.  Licenses are free for minors 15 years old and younger.  Residents and real estate taxpayers of the Town 16 years old and older may purchase a resident license for $20.
Jim Colquhoun, Chair

Bill Carroll

John C. Stanley

2016   Andy Mays, Warden

Adam Thurston, Warden