The Planning Board is composed of seven members  appointed by the Board of Selectmen for 5-year terms.  Both the Planning Board and the Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) are charged with admininstering the Land Use Ordinance (LUO) and other related ordinances.  The Planning Board uses the LUO and other relevant ordinances and laws as the criteria for review of applications.  All types of applications and ordinances are available in the CEO/Assessing Office, and versions of all ordinances are available for on-line viewing (click here).  If needed, the CEO's Office can help with preparation of your application.  Appointments may be made by telephoning the Town Office at 244-7915.   The number one reason for delays on approval of applications is lack of completeness of plans and forms.  To avoid this delay, please review the LUO Checklist before submitting your application.

The Planning Board reviews the LUO each year to consider changes.  These reviews are held in public workshops and hearings and the Board encourages any interested townsperson to attend. Suggestions and comments are welcomed.  The Planning Board of the Town of Southwest Harbor meets as needed on the first and third Thursday of the month, at 6pm, at the Town Office, unless otherwise noted by posting at the Town Office and Post Office.

Southwest Harbor Planning Board

Michael Magnani

Jesse Dunbar

John R. Williams

Christopher Rawls

Eric Davis

Lee  Worcester