The Conservation Commission presently consists of five voting members, a Tree Warden, and eight associate members who assemble on Wednesdays every six weeks or as scheduled at the Town Office.

Current responsibilities include:  

Educating the community regarding conservation ballot items, recycling, and habitat conservation.

Consulting with the Planning Board concerning buffering and Land Use issues.

Stewardship of the Charlotte Rhoades Park & Butterfly Garden

Working with the community on the Monarch Tagging Program

Beginning With Habitat

The Commission is looking for new members or associates who would be willing to help with any of our current responsibilities.  No experience required, just an interest in preserving our Town's natural resources.  Please call the Town Office at 244-5404 if you are interested!
Click on the link below for a unique approach to conserving Maine's natural landscape for plants, animals and people, and local strategies for conservation:

Conservation Commission

Susan Reiff Allen-2018

Natalia Pajor-2018

Ellen Scull-2019

Jane Ayres Peabody-2018

Eleanor Park-2019

Francine Mayhew-2019

Jeff Dutra - Tree Warden
Ann Judd - Secretary
Priscilla Hutton - Roades Park Coordinator