Town of Southwest Harbor
 Historic Cemetery Committee

Committee Responsibilities
The Southwest Harbor Historic Cemetery Committee (appointed by the Selectmen, July 2016) is charged with fostering the protection, preservation, and appreciation of the community historic burying grounds. There are eleven known cemeteries (possibly more) in the town of Southwest Harbor. These cemeteries are abandoned and neglected and the focus of our restoration and preservation efforts. They are:
Mount Height Cemetery has its own association and so is not overseen by this committee.

 Documentation, Preservation, and Education
The objectives of the committee are to protect and preserve the community cemeteries, including historic character, integrity and significance; open space and landscape management; conservation of historic grave markers and other structural elements; education and public involvement.
Committee Members

Lynne Birlem      Wayne Gilley       Patty Pinkham    
     Joan Terry                     Kathe Walton​           Aimee Williams
          Clark Cemetery                            Dolliver Family Burial Ground                    Dolliver Grave
          Evergreen Cemetery                    Gilley Cemetery                                           High Road Burial Ground
          King Cemetery                             Lurvey Cemetery                                          Moore Cemetery
          Newman Cemetery                       Union Cemetery
Scope of Work
Develop a master plan for implementing objectives.
Identify cemetery trust funds available for care and preservation of historic cemeteries.
Reach out to abutters, neighbors, family associations, community businesses and organizations, etc.
         to make donations toward cemetery restoration and maintenance.
Create a program for ongoing maintenance, gravestone repair and conservation, and public         awareness.
Conduct a survey of the town’s historic cemeteries.
Consider applying for State/National Historic Register designation for the cemeteries.
Use survey information to update town records and planning maps.
Propose protective regulations and guidelines for new construction and gravel removal on land that 
          includes historic cemeteries.
Encourage the town to provide for a responsible gravestone repair and conservation program.
Establish guidelines for cataloging monuments and fragments.
Design and install a model sign system.

If you know of other old cemeteries or grave sites in Southwest Harbor not listed or if you are interested in attending a meeting or joining the committee, please call committee member Kathe Walton at 244-5560.